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Helping Employees Achieve Wellness

Helping Employees Achieve Wellness

Meritain Health is an advocate for healthier living. When employees achieve and maintain good health, it helps prevent chronic disease and the high price tags associated with treatment. By encouraging healthy behaviors, employers can help improve employee well-being and productivity, and reduce bottom-line spending.


Dynamic wellness strategies with ongoing impact

With Healthy MeritsSM, you can encourage wellness program participation, regardless of your employees’ engagement level. Our dynamic, multi-level strategy evolves with your employees, helping you build their enthusiasm in wellness and encourage continuous workforce health improvements.


Healthy Merits consists of the following three levels:

  • Walk, a foundational level designed for employee populations who are new to wellness
  • Jog, an intermediate level for extended programs and support that build employees' motivation to be healthier
  • Run, an advanced level that supports continued employee wellness engagement

Wellness plan strategists: key to wellness program success

Our wellness plan strategists review employee risk levels. They work with employers to build and maintain a wellness program and incentive structure that meets employees’ needs. As your partner in wellness program success, your wellness plan strategist will help you keep your employees engaged and active.


To learn more, please visit our Healthy Merits Wellness Program page.