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Voluntary Benefits

Voluntary benefits help employees offset the costs associated with unexpected healthcare incidents. Meritain Health offers Aetna Voluntary Plans, which give employees the option to set aside money to use towards a high medical deductible, or everyday expenses if an illness or accident occurs. They'll gain the peace of mind that only comes with knowing the future is covered.


With Aetna Voluntary Plans, members enrolled in a medical plan may choose:


  • The Aetna Voluntary Hospital Plan.* It provides enrolled employees with money up front, to help cover medical bills and other household expenses when a member is hospitalized.
  • The Group Critical Illness Plan.** This option helps an enrolled employee cover the medical expenses for treatment of a critical illness, including heart attack, stroke or a major organ transplant. Features can be added to cover other conditions such as cancer, and a wellness benefit is available that provides cash payments to a member for going to certain preventive wellness care appointments.
  • The Group Accident Plan,** which provides an enrolled employee with a lump-sum payment for on- and off-the-job accidental injuries. These include dismemberment, dislocation or fracture, intensive care or ambulance service, and accidental death. Group Accident features a base plan that can be customized to provide a cash payout to help cover additional situations or associated treatments. These could be burns, CT scans, hospital admissions, physical therapy or general anesthesia.

Part-time employees or full-time employees looking to supplement their medical coverage may enroll in the Aetna Voluntary Fixed BenefitsSM Plan. This option provides lump-sum cash for many inpatient and outpatient services. These include hospital stays, doctors' visits, diagnostic services, emergency room visits and anesthesia. Pharmacy benefits and on- and off-the-job accident benefits may also be included in this plan.


Please note that these plans do not offer comprehensive benefits. They provide limited coverage and are not intended to replace other health benefits coverage.


 *Insured by Aetna Life Insurance Company (Aetna) and administered by Aetna and its affiliate, Strategic Resource Company.

**Insured by American Heritage Life Insurance Company, a subsidiary of The Allstate Corporation.