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Healthy Merits

Healthy MeritsSM Wellness Program

Wellness programs can help employees improve their health, which can allow employers to save on the cost of healthcare benefits. 

The Healthy Merits Wellness Program from Meritain Health includes three levels, which can be customized to meet your employee population’s health needs. You can choose from our full suite of products, services and campaigns for a wellness program that fits just right. Also, you’ll work one-on-one with a wellness plan strategist to help you manage and maintain the effectiveness of your wellness program from day 1 through day 101.

Healthy Merits consists of the following three levels:


  • Walk, a foundational level designed for employee populations who are new to wellness.
  • Jog, an intermediate level that allows you to address more health risks by introducing additional programs. This extra support helps build employees' motivation to be healthier. 
  • Run, the advanced level of Healthy Merits, allows employers to take the program further with extra health coaching and incentive tracking options.

In addition, a biometric screening–only program is available for employers taking their first step toward wellness.


For more information, visit our Healthy Merits Wellness Program page.


To contact a Meritain Health representative, email our sales team.