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Dental, Vision and Ancillary Services

Dental Services


Election of dental as an integrated service with your medical coverage allows your participants to enjoy flexible coverage at an affordable price. Seamless customer service is facilitated through our company-wide claims system. Our innovative benefit programs and deep network discounts provide low-cost, high-quality care.


The healthcare industry has made a shift towards the promotion of member wellness, education and involvement in quality of care. Dental services incorporated into a benefit structure can help reduce total healthcare costs for employers.


At Meritain Health, we administer traditional dental plans along with dental PPOs, as well as several network alternatives.


Vision Services


Healthcare benefits are valuable in the attraction and retention of employees. Good vision has a significant impact on quality of life. Regular vision exams not only help employees see clearly but can also be an important detector of serious illnesses, such as diabetes or high blood pressure. A proactive approach to wellness helps curb healthcare costs later on.


Partnering with Vision Service Plan (VSP®), we encourage a proactive approach to wellness, including vision coverage, which can help control long-term healthcare costs.


The statistics included below demonstrate how the addition of vision benefits can enhance your employees' productivity and performance:


  • Roughly 50 percent of the U.S. population requires corrective lenses, as do 80 percent of those over age 45.1
  • 8 out of 10 employees say having vision benefits is important to them.2
  • Impaired vision can reduce employee productivity by up to 20 percent.3


1 National Association of Vision Care Plans, 2009   2 Survey of 3,426 U.S. adults 18+ by Harris Interactive, on behalf of Transitions Optical, Inc., March 2008.   3 Daum, Kent M., OD, PhD, Katherine A. Clore, OD, PhD. Productivity associated with visual status of computer users. Optometry. 2004;75(1):1-15.